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Commercial Name: Isordil
Principal Ingredient: Isosorbide Dinitrate
Utilization: Prevents and treats anginas of chest
Available Dosage: 40mg

Category Pain Management

Isordil is a nitro-containing antianginal drug used to treat and prevent angina pectoris.

Isordil is a highly effective drug for the treatment of coronary heart disease and the relief of strokes. There are two types of this drug, and they work identical but have several differences: Isordil dinitrate is a traditional antianginal drug. It reduces pressure and venous blood flow to the heart, asphyxiation, shortness of breath and mucous membranes due to oxygen deficiency. With regular use reduces its antianginal and anti-ischemic effect.

Isordil mononitrate is absorbed faster in the blood and is not metabolized in the liver, which ensures its greater efficiency compared with Isordil dinitrate.

The release form of Isordil is produced in the form of Pills of 20 mg (50 pieces per pack) and 40 mg (20 pieces per pack). Isordil is available in the form of 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg tablets (20 and 50 pieces per pack).

Isordil is used for the relief and prevention of strokes, rehabilitation after myocardial infarction, as well as for inflammation of the inner lining of arteries, some forms of pulmonary hypertension, chronic heart failure.

Sometimes Isordil is used as an inhalation. This medicine is used inside of veins because of unstable angina, pulmonary edema, and acute myocardial infarction. Often, Isordil is used like nitroglycerin to expand the lumen of blood vessels in a situation with heart problems. Isordil is used in therapy in the treatment of chronic heart failure.

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